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    Customs Regulations

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      The General Directorate of Customs of the Dominican Republic establishes that the following documents are required for the importation of:

      Household goods

     • Packing list
     • Bill of Lading
     • Copy of all the passport pages


     • Certificate of ownership and vehicle registration, in addition to the documents required for HHG.

     General regulations for:

     Household goods

     Dominicans who possess foreign residence and foreigners with provisional Dominican residence card, that have lived overseas for two or more years, may import their personal effect and used household goods, free of taxes; as long as they haven't visited the Dominican Republic for over 180 days, during the last two years. If so, they are protected by the Law 1493. However, new electrical appliances or used ones when there is more than one of the same kind are subject to payment of taxes and duties.


     The Dominican Customs Authorities establish the prohibition to import vehicles which year of manufacture is older than five (5) years, having the risk of being seized by Customs Agents, unless the importer suits the Law 168 requirements that allow Dominicans or legal foreign residents to import their vehicles used for more than a year abroad. In these cases, the 168 Law grants the 51% exemption on taxes.

      Requirements: Law 168

     » The vehicle registration should be older than one year addressed to the importer’s name.

     » If the importer is Dominican, he/she should have residence of the country where he has lived abroad.

     » If the importer is a foreigner, he/she should have Dominican provisional Dominican residence card.

     » The importer shouldn’t have spent more than 180 days visiting, during the last two years.

     Restricted and prohibited goods

     It is prohibited to import firearms (guns), ammunitions, toxics or pornographic material and narcotics into the Dominican Republic.

     Drugs (medicines) and alcoholic beverages are restricted. For alcoholic beverages, such as liquors, there is a maximum allowance of 12 bottles.


     * Cats and Dogs: Should have their vaccination certificate of origin, not older than ten days, accompanied by a health certificate.

     * Others: for other pets, it is necessary to confirm with the Dominican Public Health Department, the requirements and if restrictions are applicable prior its arrival. Also, for general information and updates about introducing your pets into the Dominican Republic.


     Diplomatic shipments do not pay taxes. They will only pay for container deposit fees, storage at the port, demurrages and any additional other expenses, are not included in our rate.

      Consignment instructions

      Proper consignment of the air waybill or ocean bill of lading is very important. All air waybills or ocean bills of lading must be consigned to the customer's full name and his home address in Dominican Republic. The notify party on all shipments must be to our care.

     Consignee: Customer's full name (Please DON’T state C/o International Packers)
                       Client's address in Dominican Republic
                       Client's phone number

                  Calle central no. 3 Carretera de Manoguayabo KLM 1 ½
                  Zona Industrial Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
                  Ph. 809.379.0303 / 2013 / 2140

     Best port of entry

     The best port of entry is Rio Haina. In case the shipment arrives at Port of Punta Caucedo, it will have an additional charge, due that this is a very expensive port.

     For additional information, please contact our office.