Our exclusive service

IP Art is the solution to the process of handling, packing, transit and storage of fine arts and archeological pieces; which frequently are exhibited in different cities and countries, making the coordination and follow up more complicated. Many of these pieces are sometimes irreplaceable, either by their historical, artistic or monetary value. In this regard we have developed an efficient service that covers all the steps involved in successful management.

IP Art guarantees continued monitoring, supported by systematic logistics that include a well organized shipping process, landing and clearance in each port according to the schedule of the exposition. We also determine and plan ahead to coordinate storage when necessary.

To fulfill the packing requirements of every item we have:

  • Adequate equipment
  • Suitable vehicles
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Special packing material free of acids that could damage the art works
  • Counseling and advice on selection of insurance
  • Skilled personnel willing to assist you

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