Questions and Answers from customers bringing removals to the Dominican Republic

1)  Is it prohibited to include alcohol in the importation of my move?

No. It is not prohibited, it is restricted to include alcohol in your move. It can include up to 24 bottles for personal consumption. If you exceed this amount, you will have to pay taxes on all imported alcohol.

2)  What is required to be able to import a vehicle?

The vehicle must be 5 years or less after it has been manufactured. Likewise, the title of the vehicle must be in the name of the person to whom the cargo is consigned. This title must be presented in original for nationalization purposes.

3) Is it mandatory to be present during the verification of the move in port?

No. It’s totally optional. In case you want to be present, you must contact your agent at destination to coordinate with the customs agent.

4)     ¿Cuáles son los requisitos para aplicar a la exoneración de impuestos a mi mudanza?

  1. a) Returning Dominican. The essential requirements to apply for this benefit are:
  2. Have more than 2 years residing outside the Dominican Republic, verifiable by document of residence of the foreign country.
  3. Have less than 180 days visited the Dominican Republic in the last 2 years.
  4. B) Foreigner.
  5. Foreigners who come to establish domicile in Dominican Republic must meet the following requirements:
    1. Have a Dominican residence permit, or have deposited the documents to obtain it before the corresponding Ministry.
    2. Have less than 180 days visited the Dominican Republic in the last 2 years.

5) How long does the process of nationalizing my cargo take?

The process begins with the arrival of the cargo, and can take about 7 to 10 days, culminating with delivery at your residence.

Frequently asked questions about moving from Dominican Republic

When should I expect the quote?

In 2 business days, maximum 3 days.

What documents are required to make a move to the United States?

Copy of scanned passport, Number of contact at destination, Destination address, Social Security Number, US customs forms (provided by the destination agent to be completed by client)

What is a complete and / or partial move?

A complete move is the one that is made up of furniture, bedrooms and other household goods (all furniture in the house). It can be transported in a container of 20 and / or 40 feet by sea.

A partial move is the one that is composed by personal effects like clothes, kitchen items, shoes, toys, among others. It can be transported by sea as a loose cargo or LCL (Less than container load) inside a Liftvan or fumigated wooden box, it can also be transported by air in a Pallet or Airvan (fumigated wooden box).

What is the process for me to make a quotation for an international move?

We coordinate a visit to the residence of the client to determine the volume of the move and based on that we make a quote, you can send the information through our web page.

What is the process for packaging an international move?

We coordinate the date and time of the packing with the customer, the day of the beginning of the packing we carry different types of boxes and special materials for the packing of all their articles and once the packing is finished the items are loaded in our trucks or container and Are brought to our facilities until they give us the green light at the destination and we can dispatch the cargo to its destination. (All necessary documentation is listed and coordinated with our correspondent at destination)

Can I include alcoholic drinks and edibles?

Regularly this type of articles are prohibited in most of the customs, for that reason they will be subject to final confirmation with our correspondent in destination.

Frequently asked questions from customers who want to move locally

1.- Can I pack some items and pack the rest?

Of course you can pack what you want and the rest we pack and transport. But we will only be responsible in case of damage to the items packed and protected by our staff

2.- What does your service include?

It includes everything from packing the entire contents of your residence to placing it in your new residence fully armed and organized.

3.-In case of high floors, do you cover the cost of the crane?

Yes, of course, our removals are at all costs.