International Packers, SRL is an international moving company which provides a wide array of services that could be divided in two groups:

  • Services related to the moving industry: International, Domestic and Corporative moves. In short these services have to do with securely moving household goods, effects or office equipment from point A to point B.
  • Destination Services: these services go beyond an international move from country A to country B and further complete a full relocation process for a Transferee and his/her family. Among these services we provide Home Search, School search, Settling-in Assistance, Immigration Assistance, Cross-Cultural Training, Furniture Rental and Departure Services.

If the service we are providing you is an international move the Personal Information we request from you will be used for the Customs Clearance of your household goods and personal effects only. The process of nationalization of your shipment.

If the service we are providing you is related to complete an international relocation process the Personal Information we request from you will be used to the extend necessary to exclusively complete the service requested:

  • For Home Search your Personal Information will be used for renting or buying an apartment or a house on your behalf under your previous authorization.
  • For School Search your Personal Information will be used for registering your children or family in an educational institution on your behalf and under your previous authorization.
  • For Settling-Assistance your Personal Information will be used depending on your requirement: for a utility hook-up, for a bank account set-up, obtaining a driver license, car lease, etc on your behalf and under your previous authorization.
  • For Immigration Assistance your Personal Information will be used for obtaining the temporary or permanent Residence Permit, Income Tax Registration and obtaining Non-Criminal Records Certification.
  • For Departure Service your Personal Information will be used for cancelling a bank account, cancelling a phone service or else.

No matter the services our customers demand from us we will request from them only the Personal information exclusively needed to complete the services of reference and we will use it properly only for the intended service provision. Since a commercial relationship will be established between our customers and International Packers, SRL, we may use your Personal Information also for managing this commercial relationship.

We disclose Personal Information to third parties only for the purposes identified above in this Privacy Notice and with the implicit or explicit consent of our customers. Just as we demand this consent for collecting, using, retaining and disposing of such Personal Information. We may also disclose information to a Court, under an order, for legal reasons or law enforcement.

We collect all necessary information mostly by email and in some cases of Destination Services directly from our Customers. We only retain Personal and Confidential Information for the period of time necessary for the services termination. We maintain accurate, complete and relevant Personal and Confidential Information for the purposes outlined in this notice and our customers can update their data or even change this previous request on writing addressed to us for the proper channels.

In the provision of a service we may request from a client Personal Information as copy of passport, email address, mobile number, telephone number, utility contract number or additional Personal Information that we may be requested either by Customs Authorities or Private Service Companies like a Bank or Telephones Company depending on the service.

For instance, if you request from us to cancel the utilities of your home including your residence phone line, we will need copy of your last invoice.

No matter what Personal Information from you we have directly or indirectly collected you are entitled to be informed by us about the information from you we have in our files. It is your right and we will gladly inform this to you upon previous request in writing addressed to us. Your will receive this information within two labor days.

We protect Personal Information of our Customers against unauthorized access (both Physical and Logical). All of our employees must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement in which they commit themselves to protect the Privacy and the Confidentiality of the Data they handle. Besides, we have methods and procedures on place to guarantee the security of the data and prevent any potential breaches.

We expect that our customers voluntarily provide the Personal Information needed for the completion of the requested services and we also expect they authorize us to share it accordingly to services provision and if they do not object in writing they way we collect, use, or disclose their data it will be deemed that they agree with our methods and procedures described in this privacy notice or in our internal Data Privacy and Protection Policy to handle that information.

Should our customers refuse to provide us their Personal Information or object that we share it with the involved proper authorities or the involved private corporations that are entitled to request it from us in order to get the services completed then we cannot accept services like moving them internationally, getting an utility hook-up or whatever other service we provide in which Personal Information from our clients is requested from us. We have a Supply Chain management policy and we make our policies extensive to our suppliers. We make them share our commitment with Data Privacy and Protection.

If our Customers do not clearly decline in writing their consent, then their consent is granted to us. If they do, we will review their messages and we will answer them within three (3) labor days explaining our methods and procedures and the reasons for requesting any given Personal Information. Should our customers insist in their refusal to provide us information that we are obligated to use in order to perform the services putting us in an impractical situation then the continuation of the service will be stopped and the customer will not be served.

After termination of services the documents and files that have been printed out are kept in locked filing cabinets and the access to the cabinets is controlled and monitored by security personal, and cameras. Our facilities are protected by a 24/7 alarm system. In accordance to the Dominican Laws these documents should be kept for a period of 10 years and then disposed of by shredding.

This Privacy Notice may change in accordance with new world and domestic regulations, Dominican laws, our internal Data Privacy and Protection Policy or the inherent processes of the services. We will keep our customers informed of any single update or changes to this privacy notice through our web site and in all our emails signatures. Our web site is:

Our latest Data Privacy and Protection Policy was updated on May the 14th, 2017 and was communicated to all employees on May the 24th. This policy will be updated in accordance with new laws and regulations and reviewed on a yearly basis indistinctly of the absence of new regulations. Our Quality Manager will be responsible for updating and reviewing this policy and this Manager altogether with the Senior Board of the Company and the Top Management executives will communicate any updates or changes in the policy to all personnel of the company and will make sure that all the right procedures for the enforcement of the changes are on place.