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Professional Advice: Moving is a process that involves several activities at different levels; it is not limited to transportation and packing. Organization and planning ahead are the keys to success from the beginning, controlling the factors [...]

The moving day

• Be available in case that one of our supervisors needs to ask you a question. • Verify that nothing has been left behind. • Remember to check, sign and get a copy of the [...]

One or two days before the move

• Make sure to keep handy all important documents, such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, passports, keys, etc. It would also be useful to separate toys, books, maps… that could be useful during the trip. [...]

One week before the move

• Fill out all documents requested by International Packers and return them duly completed and signed. • Remember to pick up your laundry. • Keep handy some tools as support for last minute use in [...]

Two weeks before the move

• Make two copies of all personal or other important documents. • Confirm with International Packers the date or your move. • Confirm that the flight tickets are in order. • Consider your pets care [...]

One month before the move (4 weeks)

• Get ready for a family visit to your personal health care providers in order to perform general physical exams. • Separate whatever you will not use until after the move (blankets, rugs, curtains, etc.) [...]

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