Moving is a process that involves several activities at different levels; it is not limited to transportation and packing. Organization and planning ahead are the keys to success from the beginning, controlling the factors that will allow a satisfactory culmination on each step. This way you will save time, effort and in many cases avoid unnecessary expenses and delays due to lack of information or last minute rushes.

It is advisable that you get professional orientation by choosing a moving company of respectable trajectory and proved experienced.

We have gathered several tips that will surely be of great help:

• Do an inventory of the articles that you wish to include in the move, also list those that will no longer be useful and verify their condition. This way you can plan ahead a “garage sale”, donate them to a charity institution, or give them away to relatives and friends.

• Tell your children about the move as soon as possible, so they can get used to the idea of a new home. Motivate them with enthusiastic ideas and talk to them about the good things of moving to another place.

• Start packing the articles that are not fragile, such as books and documents, days before.

• Try to schedule the move on weekdays and during office hours, in order to get better prices.

• If your house is insured, remember to call your insurance provider to inform pertinent changes.

• Notify your change of address to banks and government offices.

• Avoid buying a lot of food a week before the move, as it could be wasted.

• Keep a record of moving expenses that could be tax deductible.

In addition, if you’re moving abroad or to another province:

• Determine ahead who will be your new service providers, such as the telephone company, doctors, legal assistance, clubs, and locate supermarkets and schools, nearby. Also confirm that the public service companies close to your new home are informed of your arrival, in order to guarantee these services will be installed at your arrival.

• Realize a maintenance checking to your vehicle to avoid inconveniences.