Professional Advice: Moving is a process that involves several activities at different levels; it is not limited to transportation and packing. Organization and planning ahead are the keys to success from the beginning, controlling the factors that will allow a satisfactory culmination on each step. This way you will save time, effort and in many cases avoid unnecessary expenses and delays due to lack of information or last minute rushes.

It is advisable that you get professional orientation by choosing a moving company of respectable trajectory and proved experienced.

We have gathered several tips that will surely be of great help:

• Do an inventory of the articles that you wish to include in the move, also list those that will no longer be useful and verify their condition. This way you can plan ahead a “garage sale”, donate them to a charity institution, or give them away to relatives and friends.

• Tell your children about the move as soon as possible, so they can get used to the idea of a new home. Motivate them with enthusiastic ideas and talk to them about the good things of moving to another place.

• Start packing the articles that are not fragile, such as books and documents, days before.

• Try to schedule the move on weekdays and during office hours, in order to get better prices.

• If your house is insured, remember to call your insurance provider to inform pertinent changes.

• Notify your change of address to banks and government offices.

• Avoid buying a lot of food a week before the move, as it could be wasted.

• Keep a record of moving expenses that could be tax deductible.

In addition, if you’re moving abroad or to another province:

• Determine ahead who will be your new service providers, such as the telephone company, doctors, legal assistance, clubs, and locate supermarkets and schools, nearby. Also confirm that the public service companies close to your new home are informed of your arrival, in order to guarantee these services will be installed at your arrival.

• Realize a maintenance checking to your vehicle to avoid inconveniences.

Checklist for international moves:
Two months before the move (8 weeks)

• Call International Packers S. A. for a physical evaluation of your move (minimum three weeks in advance, 4 to 5 if it is summertime), so you can have the chance to choose the most convenient date for you and your family.

• Verify the validity of the personal documents you will need such as passports and visas, and if necessary, immediately begin the renovation process.

• Start inventorying the articles that are not in use or will not be necessary anymore, and determine what you want to do with them, i.e. your may organize a “garage” sale, donate them, etc.

One month and a half before the move (6 weeks)

• Look for information about your new country of residence through magazines, newspapers, the Internet, etc. in order to become familiar with it.

• Find out about vaccination requirements for your next destination.

• Get copy of personal records: dentist, lawyer, etc.

• Keep and organize in a safe place all the vouchers, invoices and receipts of the new articles that you buy, in case that the customs authorities may require them.

• If applicable, make hotel reservations.

• Cancel newspaper, magazine and club memberships and subscriptions.

• Put on sale your motor articles.

One month before the move (4 weeks)

• Get ready for a family visit to your personal health care providers in order to perform general physical exams.

• Separate whatever you will not use until after the move (blankets, rugs, curtains, etc.) or that may need dry-cleaning.

• Close pending credit engagements.

• Get in touch with service companies: telephone, water, electricity, cable… and request the final bill. Make sure cut-off is not effective until the same day of your move.

• Cancel all leasing contracts and agreements.

• Confirm with International Packers, S. A. how will be the process of handling plants and pets.

• Complete the insurance form provided by International Packers, S. A.

• Verify compatibility of appliances voltage.

• Close and/or transfer your bank accounts.

• Make sure to arrange pets’ visits to the veterinary not too closed to the moving date. Remember to request the veterinarian records.

• Notify your change of address to institutions and service providers that require so, such as school, banks, lawyers, doctors, veterinarian, insurance company, etc.

Two weeks before the move

• Make two copies of all personal or other important documents.

• Confirm with International Packers, S. A. the date or your move.

• Confirm that the flight tickets are in order.

• Consider your pets care the day of the move and make the pertinent arrangements.

• Return all borrowed and rented articles, such as videos or books and get yours back.

• Get any motorized appliance that will be transported empty of fuel, as lawn mowers, emergency generators, etc…

• Contact and update your data at institutions that require change of address notification.

One week before the move

• Fill out all documents requested by International Packers, S. A. and return them duly completed and signed.

• Remember to pick up your laundry.

• Keep handy some tools as support for last minute use in your house.

• Determine which articles are going to be shipped by air and by sea.

• Buy some money orders and or travellers checks.

• Make necessary arrangements for your airport pick-up.

One or two days before the move

• Make sure to keep handy all important documents, such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificate, passports, keys, etc. It would also be useful to separate toys, books, maps… that could be useful during the trip.

• Disassemble and disconnect your computer, gas tank, stove, fans and lamps.

• Pack a box with the personal articles that you will need at your arrival to your new house, and, if possible, bring them along with you.

• Defrost the freezer and the refrigerator, and fasten its doors.

• Confirm with International Packers, S. A. the arrival date of the shipping or any other important last minute information.

• Disassemble the furniture that needs so.

• If you live in an apartment building, notify the administrator or your neighbours when the move is taking place and request that the parking space be free during the moving day.

The moving day

• Be available in case that one of our supervisors needs to ask you a question.

• Verify that nothing has been left behind.

• Remember to check, sign and get a copy of the packing list.

• Most importantly, relax… and remember that at International
Packers, S. A.
, we are in charge.

Important documents 
If you move abroad, make sure to keep the following personal documents up to date:

• Passports and visas
• Birth certificates
• Marriage Certificate
• Registries
• Grade report cards from school
• Christening and Baptism certificates
• Driving license, if it is necessary, try to obtain an international driving


• Residence permit
• Work permit
• Animal permit
• Others, according to the regulations of each country